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Collection Advice; past-due recovery practices with the help of professionals Before collecting on your own, consult a professional. Collection advice.It’s always a best practice for a clinic to have policies and procedures for their accounts receivables. To make sure yours line up with current rules, laws, and regulations, it’s smart to consult with a professional for collection advice. Here are some basics:Phone calls Picking up the phone and calling the past-due patient early on can ferret out some smaller problems and misunderstandings that have simple solutions.  Still, it’s important your staff knows and understands federal and state laws governing debt collection calls. Dialing one patient too often or after a certain hour at night can land your practice in afoul of regulations. To help you tighten your telephone procedures, schedule a consultation with your accounts receivable partner to help you develop guidelines and a script, so your calls are both effective and stay within the law. Letters; Sending a letter can also open communication with patients who are behind on their bills. This is a chance to lay out their options, including contact information and business hours, and what the next steps are if payment does not arrive by the due date.Small-business owners: Build your accounts receivable plan  small business owners accounts receivable Collections. One of the challenges of being an entrepreneur is having to do it all yourself. For small business owners accounts receivable can be a bear. There are sales, marketing, HR, strategic planning, budgeting, accounting, inventory, shipping. In some ways, you know more than your larger counterparts!Adding to the challenge of mastering these many skills are the small things that crop up every so often. One of these is trying to recover money from a non-paying client or customer. In order to increase your cash flow, it’s important to build a proven accounts receivable system that grows with you. Build a payment schedule You already have a billing and collections policy. (And if you don’t, it’s time to build one.) If it’s not fully implemented and automated, now’s the time to get that system running. With the help of your billing software, create instant reminders when payments are late, and establish a schedule and procedures to follow up. Ideally, this should become an automated part of doing business. Adjust your policies Sometimes, all it takes are a few changes to boost your inflow. For example, when collecting client information, get their permission to call or text your cell phone and require a deposit before they get the service. If bills are going out in 30 days (or longer), it might be worth speeding up the cadence. Follow up. Within a few days of service, follow up with a phone call or email. Verify that the service was completed, ask if the customer has any questions or feedback, and finish the call by letting the customer know their final amount due, and when the invoices are going out. It’s not uncommon for unhappy and dissatisfied clients to ignore the bill or postpone payment. Early contact is one way to head this off. Give incentivesIn addition to having a late fee built into your policy, reward customers who pay early. For example, offer a 2 percent discount for payment received in 10 days. Give laser focus to overdue accounts. When the due date passes with no sign of green from the client, it’s time to follow up. (Hopefully with some of these proactive measures, this will happen much less often.) It is here where small business owners get shy out of fear of annoying the customer. In reality, waiting diminishes your chances of recovering the money. Be proactive, and step up your attempts to connect before the next billing cycle. Start with a courteous email. If nothing comes of that, be persistent. Increase contact frequency to at least once a week with phone calls, follow-up invoices, and emails.  Most customers and clients do the right thing and offer payment for the goods and services they’ve received. Unfortunately, there are always some who put you off or fail to pay altogether. If your accounts receivables are getting too high, perhaps it’s time for a hard look at your financial system, and even plan for collections work on your accounts. As we’ve seen in the medical sector, a surefire way to delay payments is to confuse and anger customers with a surprisingly high bill. We always say the customer is entitled to a solid forecast on what they’re in for before service begins. Be sure and factor in a range of variables that can alter the terms along the way, and always inform them how changes will affect their costs. Before services begin, collect a down payment.Make it easier for customers to make payments If the only available option is still the envelope and stamp, it’s really time to build more channels. Think about it: In a few years, you could be talking to young people who never used or needed a debit card, thanks to cardless ATMs. If your customers have to dig out their seldom-used checkbooks and go out and buy stamps in order to pay you, you’ll be waiting longer for your money. Talk to your bank or credit union about electronic payment options.Partner with a collection agency as a last resort Even if your customers are local, people move. If your agency isn’t licensed or bonded and insured in your customer’s new state, what you have is another barrier to recovering the money.4. How do you ensure employees adhere to federal and state laws? Most collection agencies will tell you in the marketing materials they adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Ask more questions, such as which practices are in place to train and audit the employees to make sure they follow federal law. Don’t forget other regulations. A well-built collection agency has systems to adhere to industry-specific laws and rules from state to state.5. Is the company accredited? Not all states require accreditation, but membership in an organization such as ACA International is a good sign. To belong to ACA International, members must be bonded and take the pledge to follow the nonprofit’s code of conduct for debt collectors, along with state and federal laws. Agencies that don’t are subject to review by the ACA’s Ethics Committee.Before you commit to a collection partner, make sure you have a good grasp of their core values and practices so you know debt recovery will be done the right way on your behalf. Since 2004, we at CRI System have built our business to represent thousands of businesses across many industries in all 50 states.Need collection help? Call us  Pay Less Fees and Get More Recovered  Best Debt Collection Agency For Small Businesses unreturned merchandise, specialty services, maintenance, commercial, corporate, debts, delinquent invoices, outstanding invoices, and more. Never write off unpaid debts instead, collect owed B2B money. Best collection agency for the cheapest prices. No money out of pocket for collections services. Free collections services if I don’t get paid? Commercial Business Collections of past due debts and invoices. Debt Collections for businesses. Never write off unpaid debts instead, we will collect what is owed to you! B2B recovery of money to your company. Strictly contingency. Lowest rates. We only collect a low fee when we successfully collect funds owed to you. Bring outstanding DSO, invoices, Contracted work current. Did a contract not pay what they owe to you? Have our Expert team of corporate collection professionals work for you! No fee unless we collect your funds. Best prices and deals. Flexible and customized for your business needs. Looking for the fastest way to collect unpaid invoices, bill of lading, delinquent customers, clients, businesses pay you back fast. Overdue, Past due, delinquent, Invoices, bad/hot checks, B2B Consulting Recovery & Investigations, LLC in Texas offers accounts receivable management and collections to businesses in the US. If you are asking yourself; how do I get my money back from a company who refuses to pay me? Simple, contact us immediately for free collections consultation. Check our fee rates before spending too much! We specialize in various business specialty collections. We will work one account if that is all you have or many. Small balance collections. Large balance collections. Low volume collections. High volume accounts. We know your business. We are the best collections company to use. Free debt and debtor reviews. Need someone to evaluate your outstanding account? Call the best recovery team, with lowest expense, who can get your money back quick and hassle free. Speedy recovery, asset research, investigations. If you are asking yourself "How do I collect" anything due to me, contact us and we will examine your debts, DSO, receivables. un-returned merchandise. Broken contracts? Unpaid damages? Need your money back? Mechanics liens. Lien perfection. File a lawsuit against a company that owes you money cheap and effective. Top commercial collection agency. Private commercial collection agency. Specializing in B2B collections. Experienced and discounted rates. Only pay when your money is received. Don't wait any longer to collect your past due invoices. do not wait to have our office help you with mechanics liens, bond claims, retainage. no money down. free to retain . hire us for free and we will only get paid after you get paid. Get paid on outstanding owed invoices. We can start the collections process today with no money upfront. no charge unless we win your money back. How do Liens work? How do I file a mechanics lien? Ask us for free business debt collections advice. large, mid-size, and small business. Money owed to your company Strictly contingency, Lowest rates. Commercial Collections, past due debts, invoices. Debt recovery for businesses. Debt collections for companies; energy, power, contract work, contractors, equipment rental, environmental, vehicle, construction, services, transportation, freight, technologies, suppliers, supply, rentals, machinery, bill of lading, unpaid services, hot checks, bad checks, returned checks, products, repairs, mechanical, fleet services, technology, telecommunications, industrial, manufacturing, unreturned merchandise, specialty services, maintenance, commercial, corporate, debts, delinquent invoices, outstanding invoices, and more. Never write off unpaid debts instead, collect owed B2B money. Best collection agency for the cheapest prices. No money out of pocket for collections services. Free collections services if I don’t get paid?



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