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Collection Agency
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                                                                                     Commercial Debt Collections

Why Should You Hire a Commercial Collection Agency for your business?

You need to collect payment for the services or products you render to keep your business alive and profitable. Unfortunately, there may be a number of unreliable customers. Typically, business owners don’t have much time on their hands. They may not be able to make continuous phone calls or send letters in order to recover delinquent debts. In general, older debts are hard to recover. When your payment demands become unsuccessful, hiring an experienced debt collection agency will be highly beneficial for you.

Due to a number of misconceptions, many companies are still unwilling to hire a debt collection agency. There are some good reasons for these misconceptions. In the past, anyone could start a debt collection business because registration was not mandatory and there were no regulations to govern these agencies. But now there are strict debt collection laws and regulations. Hiring a good agency is the best and easiest way for any business to collect their delinquent debts. This will help you not only collect the maximum amount of money owed but also put your focus back on your business while the debt collection process is handled by someone else.

These are the main benefits of hiring a debt collection agency:

Successful Recovery

Hiring a good collection agency can substantially increase the chance of recovering your delinquent debts because these agencies are experienced in debt collection. Your main focus is to run your own business, but the primary focus of a debt collection agency is to recover debts. Debt collection agencies have trained professionals who know the techniques to legally force debtors to pay.


Collection agencies are aware that each business has unique needs and preferences. They can offer different types of debt collection programs based on the business model. You can choose a program that suits your business model. Some agencies charge a flat fee while others work on a commission basis. When you meet with an agency, ask about the programs offered by them so that you can choose the right agency that meets your needs.

Debtors pay faster

People pay you more often and faster when you hire a collection agency for recovering your delinquent debts. Some agencies provide services that speed up the payment process so that you get the money faster. Generally, these services work well with your current billing system. Hiring a debt collection agency frees you from chasing down your debtors and thus saves your energy, time and money.

Legal Protection

Now there are several rules and regulations that govern the actions of collection agencies and debt collectors. For this reason, well-informed customers are likely to take legal action if they think their rights have been violated. Good debt collection agencies are well versed in federal and state laws governing the debt collection industry. By hiring a reputable agency to collect your unpaid debts, you can eliminate the legal risk associated with trying to collect debts from your customers on your own.


We have an extensive network of certified fraud examiners, attorneys, and field investigators that conduct face-to-face meetings and use every resource available to discover if a debtor can pay.

The Importance of hiring a debt collection agency

September 08, 2017
Business owners often find it difficult to collect unpaid debts on their own. Almost all businesses face this issue when customers fail to make the payments they owe. If you are dealing with such an issue, you can consider hiring a good debt collection agency.

A debt collection agency is a business hired by a creditor in order to recover debts that are overdue. Generally, business owners hire a debt collection agency when they are unable to handle their customers on their own to recover the overdue debts. Many companies consider hiring a debt collection agency as a last resort. But, as far as its benefits are concerned, you must consider hiring a good collection agency to deal with your debt recover hassles as early as possible. Recovery becomes harder when the overdue account becomes older. If you’ve invoices which are 2 to 3 months past due, you must think about hiring a professional debt collection agency.

Here are some the major advantages of hiring a collection agency:

You can save time and money

It is not prudent to use your own workforce for the debt collection task. Employees without sufficient training would have trouble recovering your overdue debts. Additionally, customers can take legal action against you if they feel you are violating the laws governing the debt collection, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. By outsourcing the task, or hiring a good debt collection firm, you can not only get legal protection, but also save a lot of time and money. This is one of the most important reasons why using a debt collection agency is the best way for any organization to collect their delinquent debts.

It helps you remain focused on your business

One of the major advantages of hiring a collection agency for recovering your unpaid money is that you can focus on your actual business while the agency is handling the overdue account. Giving complete focus on your actual business is necessary to keep it profitable. A collection agency uses its resources for collecting receivables while you focus on your business. Outsourcing your collection needs to a debt collection agency can help you get paid faster.

Hiring a good agency to collect overdue debts is the best strategy for all types of businesses that give priority to their actual work than the hassles in dealing with delinquent debtors.

Hire the best Houston debt collection agency

You must consider several factors when hiring a debt collection agency. The agency must be licensed. Additionally, it should have insurance. If the collection agency is not insured, you can be sued by your debtors when the agency violates any law that governs the debt collection industry.

At Consulting, Recovery & Investigations, LLC., or Crilegal we have a team of experienced and highly trained debt recovery professionals who almost always succeed in their efforts by using a firm and diplomatic approach. We treat all debtors individually to maximize the chance of recovery.

Best Debt Collection Agency Houston

Collection agencies are hired for recovering debts that are overdue. Professional debt collection agencies reach out to the unpaid accounts in several different ways, including in writing, via email, and by phone. When there is no other option, they may take legal action on behalf of your business.

Even though there numerous reputable debt collection agencies, unfortunately, the industry has earned a bad rap because some collectors rely on illegal, harassing, or unscrupulous tactics for recovering debts. This should be avoided at any cost because it could poorly reflect on your business. Reputable agencies always follow the laws surrounding debt collection efforts, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

If you want to hire a professional debt collection agency, first do a research to understand what distinguishes good agencies from bad ones. It is vital to choose a debt collection agency that is familiar with the industry that your business belongs to and that has sufficient experience in recovering overdue debts.

Here at Consulting, Recovery & Investigations, LLC., or Crilegal possess highly trained and the most efficient debt collectors who are experts in commercial debt recovery. We provide our clients with online access to their claims. Contact us if you are looking to hire the best debt collection agency in Houston.

When to hire a debt collection agency?

Generally, businesses send their accounts to a professional collection agency when they are 90 to 120 days past due. Waiting more than 120 days is not advisable because you are less likely to recover debts that are long overdue. 

The older the debt is, the harder it will be for the collector to recover it. 

Typically,  you can consider hiring a reputable debt collection agency when:

  • New clients don’t respond to your initial attempts to collect the unpaid money. (The customer may refuse to pay when you don’t have a history of transactions with them.)

  • A customer doesn’t follow through the payment plan you have agreed to. (Clients who do not pay even after you have offered them a few different payment plans are not likely to change their minds.)

  • A customer has a history of being financially irresponsible.

  • A customer denies the responsibility to pay their debt completely. (Such debts are difficult to be recovered without the help of a good collection agency.)

  • A customer makes groundless complaints regarding your business, service or product. (In most cases, such complaints are just excuses to get out of making the payment.)

Hire the best Houston debt collection agency.

Consulting, Recovery & Investigations, LLC., or "Crilegal" has a team of professional debt collectors who almost always succeed in recovering debts using proven legal collection techniques. We deal with credit portfolios of all sizes. We always aim to maximize your chances of debt recovery by implementing our strategic plan and using a highly effective collection process. You can expect our support with every step along the way. The highlight is that you are going to get this great service at highly competitive rates.

Debt Collection

Getting borrowers to pay their debts can be a challenge, and trying to get in contact can be exhausting. If you are in a situation where your debtors owe you money and you have tried everything to get them to pay up, it may be time to call in an experienced commercial collection professional to help you out.

At Consulting, Recovery & Investigations, LLC, we specialize in commercial debt collection services. It doesn’t matter how far off the grid your borrower has fallen, our private investigator team will track them down. Our debt collection agency is dedicated to helping you recoup your investment by getting your money recovered as quickly and painlessly as possible. Let’s work together to ensure all your debts are repaid.

For more information on what our debt collection agency can do for you, contact us at Consulting, Recovery & Investigations, LLC in Houston, TX today.

Commercial debt collections - ARM, debt collection

Prejudgment Writs of Attachment

Consulting, Recovery & Investigations, LLC provides  

comprehensive collection services, both nationally and internationally, including:

In-Depth exhaustive and accurate verified asset searches Nationwide including * Stock Brokerage searches

* Extensive lawful Nationwide.

* Asset &  Bank searches down to the Branch level

* Location of debtors

* Civil and Criminal 

* Background 

* investigations  

* Plaintiff and/or defendant lawsuit searches

* And much More

Post Judgment Rights and Remedies

Consulting, Recovery & Investigations, LLC. has developed an aggressive and cost-effective approach to pursuing your post judgment rights and remedies.

Commercial and industrial 

* lease matters, 

* including drafting of leases and contracts

* Breach of contract matters and collection thereof

* Commercial and industrial; 

* landlord/tenant matters and collection thereof

* Foreclosures,

* Commercial, industrial collections.

* real estate debts, 

* judgments

* Purchase and sales * negotiations

Business Collection Litigation

A prompt recovery of your judgment can be achieved after a thorough search and analysis of the debtor’s assets. Using our own expert in-house investigation team along with our process-serving department.

Consulting, Recovery & Investigations, LLC has been protecting our clients’ interests in commercial, industrial, and residential property since The Day we started over 110 years collectively. 

Lawful Asset Protection

Our aggressive and diligent approach to commercial collection litigation will safeguard your commercial and industrial real property interests and rights.

We will work aggressively to protect your business interests.

When possible, we will negotiate and procure satisfactory settlements in an effort to help you avoid a trial. However, if necessary, we will manage your business interests together with our team of experienced and licensed professional expert associates through the trial process to best represent your needs.

Rights and Remedies and Enforcement of Judgement

We will Customize a post judgment remedy to meet your individual needs.

over 110 Years collective experience in enforcing post judgment remedies including:

* Judgment liens prepared, filed and recorded

* Writs of execution and garnishment

* Levies of bank accounts, securities accounts, and business assets

* Seizures and sales of real estate.

Debt collection help companies get paid. Their job is to track down people and/or businesses who owe money from overdue bills and negotiate payment. Usually, this is done over the phone or by mail. Debt collection keep track of the debtors to make sure that they are repaying what is owed.

Debt Collections is an essential component to operating a healthy business. ARM (Accounts Receivable Management) is often the difference between success and failure.  

For our debt collection services we do not charge you any up front fees. We only get paid when you get paid. Yes our collection success is the determining factor as to our own revenue. we are very confident in our abilities and have a solid track record. Call us now to inquire 844-875-2897