Overloaded with work that you 
wished you had enough time or energy for?  
We Literally are the cost effective 
solution to any and/or all 
challenges you face in business today!


Your one stop shop for all needs!
* Total Business Growth Consulting
* Attorney Legal Services
* Process Server
* Total Coverage Marketing Agency (Viral Promise*)
* Custom Website Designer/Management & SEO
* Private Investigation Service
* Creative Strategy Planning/Implementation
* Total I.T. Tech Engineer & Support Services
* Emergency Business Services 
* Custom Security, Spy & Survelience Systems
* Loss Prevention & Defense Preparation Equipment
* Secure Lien, writs, garns
* Domesticate, Revive, Release, Abstract, Sell, 
     Collect or Liquidate Judgment(s)
* Pro bookkeeping service from $59.00 Per Month
* Collection Agency & Commercial Debt Collections
* Skiptrace Assets, Bank, Employer,  Locate, 
     Foreclose & Recover  
* Recover Lost, Stolen, Unclaimed 
     Property anywhere
-- Always the lowest contingency rate with the 
Highest Level Results You Coulde Ever Expect!

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WELCOME TO WWW.CRILEGAL.COM - Do Business With CRI and Never Look Back

Collecting debts and managing finances can be a handful. Turn your losses into profit. Try hiring our company, risk free! We are a commercial collection agency and are both large and small business to business debt collectors. Strictly a contingency fee structure; we only collect a small fee when your funds are recovered. Consulting Recovery & Investigations, LLC in Houston, Texas improves businesses through various business services.

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accounts receivable management, A/R outsource, affordable AR

We offer our clients options to litigate accounts using our in-house counsel and have professional lawyers serving in the United States. Call us to inquire about our services for your company. 

Are you having problems recovering funds owed to you or your business? If yes, contact us immediately. If no, sign up for our newsletter to receive updates in case you need our assistance in the future.

No Account Is Too Big or Small to Handle

Do you already have another company helping you? If yes, let’s discuss how we stack up against the competition. Whether you have one small balance account or a thousand $50M accounts, we will give it our full attention.

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Regardless of the nature of your business, we will assist you through the simple and transparent process. Our rates are negotiable while our top notch quality and speedy recovery rates are second to none. We employ private investigators that work with no cost to our clients. Our commissions are strictly on a contingency basis, so we only get paid when our clients do.

When an account is placed with us, we work on it immediately. We collect a large majority of accounts placed within 7-10 business days. Tell your colleagues about us today. We offer generous incentives for new client referrals. Thanks to our fluent Vietnamese and Spanish translators, we also offer our services on a broader and worldwide scale.

"CRI" Also Stands For: Compliant, Refined & Intuitive

ARM, A/R/M, A/R management, AR affordable outsourcing

Consulting Recovery & Investigations LLC is Compliant and Secure. Consulting Recovery and Investigations, LLC., ("CRI") meets or exceeds all strict PCI and ISO compliance standards and Information security protocols. Paperless, professional and secure. Your business information and data is safe with us. Protect your DSO, accounts receivable, and bottom-line with CRI, LLC. 

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