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What exactly is a Lien?

lien                                                LIEN

noun: lien; plural noun: liens
  1. a right to keep possession of property belonging to another person until a debt owed by that person is discharged.

mid 16th century: from French, via Old French loien from Latin ligamen ‘bond,’ from ligare ‘to bind.

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  Bond Claims Help
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Perfecting a Lien  
Have you ever read the Rules and proper procedure for properly perfecting a Mechanic's & Materialmen's Lien (aka "M&M lien")? It tends to get rather confusing, and is Time sensitive, especially in certain states like Texas where it is very archaic wording. Needless to worry because #crilegal is here to Save you more than just a massive headache, we will save you money and time as well. Give us a call and will spring into action. Please do not risk missing the legally required deadlines, notices, and filing dates by a single day. It could end up costing you big!


The holder of the non-mortgage lien may also enforce its lien by foreclosing, although this is less common. The process of foreclosing on a non-mortgage lien is governed by state law and varies depending on the type of lien that is being foreclosed. For example, property tax liens, may often be foreclosed outside of court, while the holder of a mechanics’ liens must typically sue the homeowner in court in order to foreclose.

The foreclosure of non-mortgage liens is less common than the foreclosure of mortgage liens due to a number of factors. One factor is the homestead exemption, which exempts a certain portion of the value of a debtor’s primary residence from liability to certain creditors. (Depending on the state, the homestead exemption may not apply to mortgage liens, mechanics’ liens, and property tax liens.) The amount of the homestead exemption varies from state to state—from zero in some states to an unlimited amount in others. (To learn more about the homestead exemption and to find out how much your state allows you to exempt for your homestead, see Nolo’s section on The Homestead Exemption in Bankruptcy.)

Another factor is the priority of the non-mortgage lien. Many homeowners have one or more mortgage liens recorded against their property, and these mortgage liens typically have priority over subsequently recorded non-mortgage liens. (There are exceptions to this rule. For example, some property tax liens have super-priority over all liens recorded against the property. For more on the priority of liens, see our article The First in Time, First in Right Rule.)

A third reason non-mortgage liens are rarely foreclosed is the cost of foreclosing. If the non-mortgage lien is foreclosed through court, the party doing the foreclosing must pay all of the substantial costs of the typical lawsuit. Even if the non-mortgage lien is foreclosed outside of court, there are still costs involved, such as the cost of publishing notice of the foreclosure sale in a newspaper and payment to the sheriff or other official administering the foreclosure auction.